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Acurast Documentation

Zero Trust Application Platform with Universal Interoperability

Deploy zero trust applications within seconds. Acurast is an automated self-service protocol, for scheduling and orchestration of workloads, matching them to the zero trust execution layer, resources are provided by so-called Processors.

The permissionless Acurast protocol enables a trustless onboarding of developers, empowering them to deploy zero trust applications; giving Processors the opportunity to be rewarded for their computing resources.

This provides developers with a distributed, highly scalable arbitrary computation engine ready to be used for the most security sensitive tasks. Allowing projects and enterprises to securely interoperate regardless of the underlying technology.



Consumers or Developers are the ones that are in need of computation for their applications. Consumers can define in accessible Javascript code their requirements and get access to computational resources through the Acurast Orchestrator by being matched with Processors.

Consumers ↗


Acurast Processors offer their computation to Consumers, fulfilling their computation requests and are in turn rewarded by the Consumers for executing and providing a verifiable output on the defined destination chain. At this stage Processors utilize dedicated Android mobile devices as the off-chain infrastructure and get onboarded within minutes.

Processors ↗


The Acurast Orchestrator (formerly known as Acurast Marketplace) is where the demand from Consumers for computation requests meets the supply of computational ressources from Processors. Consumers reward one or more Processors for the successfull fulfillment of their request, through the orchestrator they are automatically matched based on the parameters defined by both sides.

Orchestrator ↗


Through Acurast's modularity, four modules, focusing on different verticals are introduced. All of them leveraging Acurast's confidential computing layer and the Acurast Orchestrator.

Enterprise - Web2

Focused on the legacy Web2 world, giving access to public or permissioned APIs and computation. Off-chain data and computation that is being brought on-chain in a verfiable way. Sometimes also reffered as "Oracle".

Enterprise ↗

Hyperdrive - Web3

Seamless cross-chain communication between two Web3 ecosystems, executing context completely trustlessly on another chain through Acurast's computational layer.

Hyperdrive ↗

Singularity - AI

Utilizing Aurast's decentralized confidential computing ressources for Artificial Intelligence language model learning in a trustless contract where the data context is not exposed.

Singularity ↗

Mesh - IoT

Leveraging the mobile device nature of the Acurast Processor with its built in Bluetooth modules for communication with IoT devices.

Mesh ↗

Supported Ecosystems & Integrations

As Acurast has interoperability at its core, it supports numerous ecosystems and multiple ways of extending support through integration in various environments such as EVM, WASM, Parachains and more.

Supported Ecosystems & Integrations ↗