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Acurast Documentation

The Universe in Web3 - Data Delivered On Demand

Acurast is the stepping stone to unleash the next wave of Web3 innovation by bringing the real world to the Web3 world.

The Web3 problem, which is access to verifiable, interoperable, and accessible off-chain data.

Acurast solves this by providing an infrastructure with a multi-chain first approach through its native interoperability layer. Developers gain access to a single abstraction layer that fulfils their off-chain data needs regardless of the ecosystem they develop for.

By leveraging a trusted execution environment (TEE) that is verifiable on-chain, Acurast not only increases security, but it also lowers the required trust in individuals. This leads to lower entry barriers for both Acurast Transmitters and developers (data consumers). Furthermore, the trusted execution environment enables developers to generically specify Acurast Jobs, gaining not only access to off-chain data like price feeds, but also to offload computationally intensive tasks that cannot be performed on chain. These data points are made accessible on the Acurast Protocol and are always verifiable.

By providing a protocol-native, permissionless marketplace, Acurast brings data transmitters and data consumers together and delivers a seamless experience, ultimately enabling a data economy. This marketplace is directly linked to the protocol-native reputation system which furthers the security of the ecosystem.

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Developers or Data Consumers are the ones that are in need of certain off-chain data or computation on-chain for their decentralized applications. Developers can define an Acurast Job that includes a Script which defines e.g, where data is being fetched from.

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Acurast Transmitters

Acurast Transmitters offer their computation to developers and process Acurast Jobs in the Acurast Trusted Virtual Machine that utilizes a Trusted Execution Environment which makes the ouput verifiable.

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Through integrations Acurast can manifest its interoperability where various blockchain ecosystem are being supported.

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