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Acurast Processors

Acurast Processors are the infrastructure providers for Acurast's decentralized serverless cloud.

Processors offer their computation of Android mobile devices to consumers. They process Acurast Jobs, request from consumers to get access to computation, running their specifications for e.g. accessing a public API. Processors will provide the output of the Acurast Job and a Proof of Execution on the specified destination by the developer e.g. Astar on Polkadot.

Become A Processor

Become a Processor on Acurast with an Android mobile device that provides computational resources. Earn rewards from consumers that utilize your resources with the launch of the Acurast Marketplace.

  1. Go to the Acurast Console and log in with a supported Acurast wallet.
  2. Fund Account - Claim Funds from the Faucet, to be able to onboard a new device.
  3. Get Device - Get one of the recommended mobile devices.
  4. Add Device - Add a new device with "+ Add New Device" by creating an onboarding QR code.
  5. Onboard Device
    • Take your device out of the box or factory reset it. Tap 5 times on the screen to open the camera finder.
    • Scan the QR code with your mobile device and go through the onboarding process prompted on the device.
  6. Device Ready - Awesome, your device is now set up and ready to accept Jobs.
  7. Keep your device powered up and connected to the internet to receive and fulfill Jobs.

Upon installing Acurast's Processor application, the Android device is fully locked down, with only the application running. Make sure to utilize one of the recommended devices to be able to get Jobs assigned to your device.

Recommended Devices ↗


Want to get started as an Acurast Processor?

Make sure to check out if your device is on the list of recommended devices. If the device is not listed and at least supports Android 11, try to set it up and give us feedback on Discord or Telegram, if you were successful.

If the device is rooted, the access to the Trusted Execution Environment will become unavailable and the device will no longer be able to get Jobs assigned.