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Acurast Orchestrator

The Acurast Orchestrator (formerly known as Acurast Marketplace) plays a significant role in the definition, agreement and enforcement of the value exchange taking place between the Acurast Processors (in short processor) and the Consumers (in short “consumer”).

The orchestrator is where the matching engine brings together the advertised resources of the processors with the advertised requirements of the consumers (aka developer). Various price finding mechanisms such as auctions and advertisements are provided natively in the orchestrator as implementation of the philosophy of Accessibility followed by the Acurast platform.

Every agreement between processor and consumer is specified in an entity called Acurast Job (in short “job”). The job specifies a set of instructions that is run in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) of the processor, its scheduling parameters, the destination of where the resulting data is expected and the commercial terms, the reward.

Docusaurus themed imageDocusaurus themed image

There are two flows central to the value exchange in Acurast:

  • The data flow
  • The reward flow

Data Flow

What consumers do when they specify a job is express their need for verifiable data which can be consumed on-chain. This data can be the result of an observation of a public data point (aka API), an off-chain computation, the privacy preserving observation of proprietary data (aka permissioned data) or a combination of all these use cases.

On a high level this can be compared to when in the web2 world a developer expresses their need for computation on a cloud provider like e.g., Amazon Web Services.

This need is covered by the processor. The processor is offering the service at the cost of a monetary compensation.

Reward Flow

The consumer defines the budget for the execution made by the Processor. It is up to the consumer, to define the asset, allowing them to use besides the native Acurast token also a stablecoin such as USDt. This allows for clear budgeting on the execution of jobs for the consumer.

The processor will receive the reward automatically in Acurast tokens upon successful execution of each fulfillment for each accepted job.

Job Registration


The process to register Jobs on the Acurast is now more user friendly.

Check out How to get started with the Acurast Console.

The Job registration process requires some technical knowledge which may be difficult to follow. A Job can be registered through the, follow these steps:

  1. In the extrinsics view, you will need to select extrinsic register from acurast pallet.
  2. Then you need to set the IPFS of your script that you've uploaded.
  1. You will need to define the Job schedule and script limits:
  1. You will also need to specify the reward asset that will be used to pay the processors, including the amount:
  1. (Optional) You can assign processors directly to the Job or restrict the processors by providing a minimum reputation score.

You can then register the Job by clicking in the Submit Transaction button.

Look at Network > Explorer and wait for the events:

  • acurast.JobRegistrationStored
  • acurastMarketplace.JobRegistrationMatched