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Create Address

This guide explains how to create an address with Talisman wallet. To install the browser extensions, follow their setup instructions or checkout their walkshrough video.


Most wallets allow to create a generic polkadot address that is supported by Acurast, this guide focuses on the Talisman wallet.

Once you created your wallet follow this steps to create an Acurast address:

  1. In any view of the Talisman browser extension, choose Add Account from the sidebar and then click New Account.
  1. Choose Polkadot.
  1. Enter your preferred name and click Create ->.
  1. The extensions will open up your newly created account and shows the name on the top-left. Open the dropdown menu next to Send/Receive and choose Copy address.
  1. Choose Substrate (Generic), filter the list to find the item if necessary.
  1. In the popup, click Copy Address

We recommend to paste and store the address somewhere for later use.

  1. Head over to Acurast Faucet to get some funds.