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Substrate Integration

GitHub Repository

The Acurast Receiver Pallet allows a Substrate based chain to integrate the Acurast functionality to be able to securely receive real world data posted by the Acurast Processors.


The Acurast Fulfillment Receiver Pallet, in combination with the Acurast P256 crypto package, allows a Parachain to accept direct fulfillments from Acurast Processors.

The Pallet exposes one extrinsic.


Allows to post the [Fulfillment] of a job. The fulfillment structure consists of:

  • The ipfs url of the script executed.
  • The payload bytes representing the output of the script.

Parachain Integration

Implement pallet_acurast_fulfillment_receiver::Config for your Runtime and add the Pallet:

pub enum Runtime where
Block = Block,
NodeBlock = Block,
UncheckedExtrinsic = UncheckedExtrinsic,
System: frame_system::{Pallet, Call, Config, Storage, Event<T>} = 0,
AcurastFulfillmentReceiver: crate::{Pallet, Call, Event<T>}

impl pallet_acurast_fulfillment_receiver::Config for Runtime {
type Event = Event;
type OnFulfillment = FulfillmentHandler;
type WeightInfo = ();

pub struct FulfillmentHandler;
impl OnFulfillment<Runtime> for FulfillmentHandler {
fn on_fulfillment(
from: <Runtime as frame_system::Config>::AccountId,
_fulfillment: pallet_acurast_fulfillment_receiver::Fulfillment,
) -> sp_runtime::DispatchResultWithInfo<frame_support::weights::PostDispatchInfo> {
/// check if origin is a valid Acurast Processor AccountId
if !is_valid(&from) {
return Err(DispatchError::BadOrigin.into());
/// if valid, then fulfillment can be used

Provide an implementation of [OnFulfillment] to handle the received fulfillment. The implementation should check that the fulfillment is from a known Acurast Processor account id.

P256 crypto

GitHub Repository

This crate provides types that allow to add P256 (a.k.a secp256r1) signature verification support to substrate based chains.


Add the following dependency to your Cargo manifest:

acurast-p256-crypto = { git = "" }


Use the acurast_p256_crypto::MultiSignature as your parachain Signature type:

use acurast_p256_crypto::MultiSignature;

pub type Signature = MultiSignature;
pub type AccountId = <<Signature as Verify>::Signer as IdentifyAccount>::AccountId;

impl frame_system::Config for Runtime {
type AccountId = AccountId;